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From House to Home


Is your house beginning to feel like home? If not, I’m 100% sure today’s final installment in our Tuesday House to Home series will have you feeling all the feels!⁣

⁣Tip #4 for turning your house into a home: Invest in everything that makes you feel downright warm and cozy. ⁣

⁣Here’s what I mean. ⁣

⁣Those hotel sheets you can’t get out of your head?⁣

That robe at the spa you swore you’d never take off?⁣

That perfectly weighted blanket you grab every time you visit your sister’s house? ⁣

⁣Why can’t you bring those creature comforts under your own roof? Here’s the thing—you can! ⁣

⁣I'm guessing it won’t take you long to think of your own list like the one above. After you do, stock your home with those very things—no more waiting for a vacation or a visit to your sister’s before cozying up with those things in the comfort of YOUR own home! ⁣

⁣If you’re looking for a house with dreams of turning into a home, I’d love to help. Reach out and let’s connect!⁣

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